'Broadway Bomb' Skateboard Race Halted By Judge

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'Broadway Bomb' Skateboard Race Halted By Judge 'Broadway Bomb' Skateboard Race Halted By Judge It may conjure images of bad musical numbers, but the "Broadway Bomb," is anything but a innocent day at the theater. So says New York Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright, who granted the City of New York's request for an injunction against the "Broadway Bomb," slated for Saturday. Just what is the "Broadway Bomb?" It is a race of mostly longboard-type skateboarding that began with 14 skaters ten years ago and grew to 1,000 participants by 2011. The race stretches 7.9 miles, mostly down Broadway, from 116th Street all the way to Wall Street, at the southernmost tip of Manhattan. Enrollment in this year's race was expected to nearly double and the size of the event, along what they believe to be dangerous behavior from participants, are what had city officials worried.

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