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Five Rescued After Running Aground in Lake Calumet

The Coast Guard assisted two adults and three children between the ages of 11 and 16 back to safety Thursday afternoon after their boat ran aground in Lake Calumet. Just before 4-o'clock a watchstander at Coast Guard Station Calumet Harbor answered a phone call from the operator of the 36-foot vessel. Due to the shallow water in Lake Calumet, the 25-foot response boat stopped at the mouth of the Calumet River and the lake , and two rescue crew members approached the stranded boaters with a 7-foot skiff propelled by a portable outboard motor, making three separate trips to rescue the boaters, who were then transported to Sunset Bay Marina, which is about ten miles northwest of Hammond.
“This was one of many similar cases this boating season that we used this rescue approach to reach stranded boaters in Lake Calumet,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class John Palmer, the officer of the day for Station Calumet Harbor. “We encourage all boaters to make sure they are aware of proper navigational channels in this area, and to be sure they follow navigational charts.”...

Board Adopts New Rule for Indiana Doctors

The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana voted Thursday to adopt a new rule concerning physicians who prescribe addictive pain medications to nonterminal patients. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says beginning December 15, physicians will be required to monitor certain patient’s history via the state’s drug monitoring system to help prevent someone from “doctor shopping” or obtaining multiple prescriptions for the same drug from different physicians. Zoeller also says the board adopted a new rule giving his office the ability to more efficiently review physician records regarding controlled substances, which he says helps in investigations of physicians who may be overprescribing.
News Release from Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller:
INDIANAPOLIS – The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana voted Thursday to adopt a new rule concerning physicians who prescribe addictive pain medications to nonterminal patients.
Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said the rule aims to ensure patients are well informed about their prescriptions and physicians closely monitor patients to identify cases of misuse and abuse. A recent study by Trust for America’s Health revealed the number of deaths caused by overdoses in Indiana has quadrupled since 1999.
This year, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation charging the board with developing new rules regarding prescribing controlled substances and strengthening the authority of the Attorney General’s office to inspect physician records in overprescribing cases. The two emergency rules stem in part from recommendations made by the Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force which Zoeller launched last year.
“Thanks to the hard work by the state’s Medical Licensing Board and to the Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force, Indiana is making great strides in the battle against prescription drug abuse,” Zoeller said. “By ensuring physicians are educating and closely monitoring patients and Hoosier patients are well informed, we can help stop cases of doctor shopping and even overprescribing.”
Beginning Dec. 15, physicians will be required to monitor certain patient’s history via the state’s drug monitoring system called INSPECT which reveals what medications have been prescribed to a patient. Zoeller said this check can prevent someone from “doctor shopping” or obtaining multiple prescriptions for the same drug from different physicians.
The board also adopted a new rule giving the Attorney General’s office the ability to more efficiently review physician records regarding controlled substances. Zoeller said this helps his office during investigations of physicians who may be overprescribing. 
Since January of last year, Zoeller’s office has filed complaints or summary suspensions against more than 15 doctors for overprescribing.
The goal of the task force is to significantly reduce the abuse of controlled prescription drugs and to decrease the number of deaths associated with these drugs in Indiana. The task force also makes recommendations for new rules, regulations and state statutes to the Indiana General Assembly.
The task force in conjunction with the Indiana State Medical Association will soon release a physician toolkit which will help doctors navigate the new emergency rules. Zoeller’s office will also host the fourth annual Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium on Nov. 1 where health officials will discuss Indiana’s prescription drug abuse epidemic and learn more about the impact of the new rules.
Zoeller also thanked the Indiana State Medical Association for their work on developing the emergency rules and physician toolkit.
This year, Zoeller and the task force launched a new website,, and a statewide public awareness campaign which includes radio and TV commercials about prescription drug abuse. The website serves as a one-stop-shop for consumers to find information about the epidemic and how to get help....

Special Spruce Heading to Five-Points

The city of Valparaiso is making plans to replant a particular spruce tree at Forest Park and give her a new home at the new five-points roundabout. Valparaiso Director of Project and Facility Management Don McGinley says the tree is in the way of a path that's being built, and parks officials want to move the tree to the island at the roundabout rather than lose the tree. McGinley says they're trying to coordinate removing the tree possibly as early as this weekend and transplanting in the middle of next week. The twenty-foot tree is one of the trees that were in downtown Valpo back in the 1980s decorated during the holiday season and later planted in the city parks. The city is now planning to decorate her again this holiday season, after she's moved, in a special tree-lighting and roundabout opening ceremony in late November.  [Photo Courtesy/Valparaiso Redevelopment Commission]


Indiana Prep Football Tourney Getting Underway

Cue the Friday Night Lights! The 2013 IHSAA Prep Football tournament begins this evening. The tournament begins with all of the state's 322 teams participating, but some sectionals feature teams waiting until next Friday to begin play. This includes Munster and Michigan City, who will wait until next Friday, while the rest of the Region's teams start tonight. Big match-ups this evening include Portage hosting Penn, Morton hosting East Chicago Central, Andrean hosting Knox, Wheeler hosting Boone Grove and Whiting hosting LaVille. For the first time there will be 6 state champions in Indiana, as the state now features 6 classes.
The opening round 4A high school football sectional game tonight [Oct 25] between Lowell and Gary West Side was recently moved from West Side to East Chicago Central High School, due to concerns over field conditions, including reportedly problems with some lights. A representative from the Indiana High School Athletic Association traveled up to Gary last week....

Cedar Lake's 2nd Annual Trunk Or Treat Food Drive

The Clerk/Treasurer's Office in Cedar Lake is holding their second annual Trunk Or Treat Food Drive this Saturday! Be sure to bring you ghosts and goblins to the Government Complex for some Trunk or Treating fun. They only ask you bring a non-perishable food item to donate to those in need to participate. For more on the event, check out Annie Fox's interview with Cedar Lake Clerk/Treasurer Amy Gross at News Audio On Demand here on our website....


Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is Saturday

Region residents can dispose of expired or unwanted medications Saturday during National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. There are more than eighty collection sites across the state, and several drop off sites listed around northwest Indiana, including the Porter County Sheriffs Department, Lake County Sheriffs Department, Indiana State Police Lowell Post, and police departments in Lowell, Hebron, Porter, Portage, Highland, Munster, Cedar Lake, Dyer, Griffith, Michigan City, St. John and Valparaiso.
For a list of sites visit .
“State and local efforts alone won’t be enough to end Indiana’s prescription drug abuse epidemic,” Zoeller said. "That’s why we are calling on Hoosiers to do their part and safely dispose of their unwanted medications. This can help keep pills off of the streets and out of the wrong hands.”
“During the past take-back initiative, Indiana residents turned in 11.5 tons of medication at 83 locations and we hope to surpass that number this time,” said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Dennis Wichern, who oversees DEA operations in Indiana. “We are urging residents to clear out expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs in the home so that they will be properly disposed of and not be potentially diverted to illicit use and abuse.”
Zoeller provided four tips for Hoosiers when storing or disposing of unwanted medications:
  • Do not keep medications past their expiration date or intended period of use. Young children or pets might ingest medication if they find it which can lead to accidental poisoning. Avoid an accident by keeping unused medications out of your house;
  • Avoid throwing medications away in the trash. As the epidemic of prescription drug abuse grows, theft becomes more common. This includes identity theft from the personal information on prescription bottles. Dealers and addicts will even go through your trash;
  • Do not flush medications or pour them down the sink. Flushing your unused medication or pouring it down the drain contaminates Indiana’s waterways. This can have devastating results on the fish and aquatic wildlife of these ecosystems; and
  • Never give or sell your prescribed medication to others as it is not only misuse, it is illegal. Legally prescribed medication is not permitted to be shared or transferred to others, because many of these drugs have harmful side effects and their use can lead to addiction. Misuse and abuse come with significant risks — including death.
The Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force is focused on ending the prescription drug abuse epidemic including finding ways to increase availability of disposal sites for unused controlled substances. Duwve, who co-chairs the task force with Zoeller, said members are currently working towards a pilot pharmacy-based take back program.
This year, Zoeller and the task force launched a new website, , and a statewide public awareness campaign which includes radio and TV commercials about prescription drug abuse. The website is described as a one-stop-shop for consumers to find information about the epidemic and how to get help....

Region Invited To Coast To Coast Bully Walk

Putbulls once know as the nanny breed for their loyalty and family friendly demeanor have now been miscatigorized as bullies. Now "Bully" is not just a term used to describe human behavior, but to mislabel dogs. Breeds like Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and especially Pitbulls are often stigmatized as dangerous or agressive and put in the "Bully" category. The Annual Coast to Coast Bully Walk is an all-breed national walk held to fight for the rights of families and their dogs who are sterotyped as bullies. 

Listen to Audio On Demand here on our website for information on The Porter County Animal Shelter's local Bully Walk.  You can take part this weekend and help end the negative sterotypes associated with these loveable pets....

Indiana Toll Road Project at Lake Station to Begin

Lake Station Interchange map
Look for extended restrictions at the Lake Station Indiana Toll Road exit beginning this Monday [Oct 28 2013] at Milepost 21 as ramp bridges will be replaced where the Indiana Toll Road, Borman Expressway and State Road 51 converge. The project begins with the closure of the westbound exit ramp to Interstate 94, marking the start of ITR Concession Company’s extensive reconstruction of the Lake Station ramp structures. The closure of the Lake Station westbound exit ramp will last about a year-and-a-half. The entire existing bridge deck and superstructure, along with the concrete pier caps, will be removed. Traffic seeking to exit at Milepost 21 will be diverted to Exit 17, Gary East to take I-65 south and reconnect with I-94. Exits 17 and Exit 21 on the toll road are both free exits. The entire project is expected to be completed in April 2015. [Image/ITC Concession Co.]
News Release:
LAKE STATION, Ind. – Beginning Monday, Oct. 28, 2013, extended restrictions will be in place at the Lake Station Exit (Milepost 21) on the Indiana Toll Road.
The project begins with the closure of the westbound exit ramp (from ITR to I-94), and marks the beginning of ITR Concession Co.’s extensive reconstruction of the Lake Station ramp structures. It will include repairing or replacing various elements of three structures within the exit: BHX-A, BHX-B and Structure 5262 (see attached map for clarification). Each will be removed and rebuilt with the same configurations and footprints of the existing structures. Upon completion, the interchange will function as it did prior to the project. No permanent removal of any structure is planned.
The closure of the MP 21 westbound exit ramp (BHX-B) will begin on Monday, Oct. 28, and will last approximately 1.5 years. The entire existing bridge deck and superstructure, along with the concrete pier caps, will be removed. After BHX-B is removed, BHX-A (located beneath BHX-B) will be removed and rebuilt. Concurrently, Str. 5262 will be rebuilt (it is anticipated that one lane will remain open on Str. 5262 during construction). After BHX-A is removed and rebuilt, BHX-B will then be rebuilt.  
Beginning Oct. 28, westbound traffic seeking to exit at MP 21 will be diverted to Exit 17, Gary East. At Gary East, patrons are to take I-65 south and re-connect with I-94. Exit 17 remains a free exit, just as Exit 21.
“ITRCC is pleased to announce the necessary improvements being made to the Lake Station Exit,” said Fernando Redondo, ITRCC CEO. “The rebuilding of these structures will undoubtedly make for smoother travel for patrons.
“We ask that drivers please be patient during this closure, as we believe the end product will be well worth the wait,” he said.
Construction on BHX-A and Str. 5262 are tentatively scheduled to begin in February 2014; notices will be sent at that time. The entire process is expected to be completed in April 2015....

Sentencing Delayed for Former Councilwoman

In Hammond Federal Court, a judge has agreed to delay this month's sentencing date for former longtime Gary Councilwoman Marilyn Krusas. Krusas pleaded guilty earlier this year to tax evasion, after being accused of failing to file tax returns since 1991 and failing to pay taxes on a 232-thousand dollar inheritance. Krusas resigned in April from the Gary City Council, where she had served since 2000. Court documents show her sentencing date has been moved from October 29 to December 12. ...

No Serious Injuries in Semi Roll-Over on Ramp to I-80/94

Provided by ISP
An East Chicago woman escaped serious injury when a semi looses its load of lumber on top of her car while traveling northbound on interstate 65 Thursday afternoon.
The Indiana State Police say a preliminary investigation shows that around 3p.m. a semi pulling a flat bed loaded with lumber, driven by a Salem, Indiana man took the ramp curve from northbound I-65 onto westbound 80/94 too fast causing his load of lumber to shift and his semi-flat bed start to roll-over.

Reports say a Nissan driven by the 31 year-old East Chicago woman, was in the right lane next to the semi when she realized the truck was starting to loose its load and beginning to roll-over.  Troopers say she was able to lie across her car's console toward the passenger side when part of the load of lumber landed on the driver's side top crushing it.
The woman was taken to a Hobart hospital with non-life threatening injuries. She was wearing a seat belt. The truck driver, who was also wearing a seat belt, was treated and released at the scene. He was cited for Speed Too Fast to Avoid a Collision and an Unsecured Load.
The semi is owned by Stonebelt Freight Lines out of Bloomington, Indiana.

The accident created a massive backup on all northbound lanes of I-65 with the ramp closed for nearly six hours. The delay mainly caused by the off-loading and re-loading of the lumber.
(photo/ provided by ISP)...

Valpo Police Chief Announces Candidacy for Sheriff

Before an enthusiastic crowd of friends, family and supporters--including Mayor Jon Costas--Valparaiso Police Chief, Republican Mike Brickner made it official Thursday, he is running for Porter County Sheriff next year.
Chief Brickner announced his candidacy in a chilly, 40 degree afternoon at Central Park, although warm beverages and snacks were offered.  The police chief addressed the audience saying "Ten years ago when I took over as Chief of Police the office of Chief was held by the same administration for 20 years."  Brickner said "at that time I stated, it is time for change, time for a new direction."  He added, "In regard to Porter County Sheriff, it is time for change and definitely time for a new direction and that direction is forward."
You can hear Chief Brickner's entire address by clicking on the News Audio On Demand link at:

Lincolnway will be Restricted During Fall Harvest Festival

Fall Festival Valpo
While Valparaiso's city wide trick-or-treat is set for Thursday, October 31st from 5:30pm to 7:30p.m., the city's Downtown Fall Harvest festival trick-or-treat is scheduled for Friday, October 25th from 4pm to 6pm. Valparaiso Police remind drivers and visitors to downtown that Lincolnway will be closed from Michigan Avenue to Lafayette Avenue from 4p.m. to 6p.m. for the festival.
For more information about the fall festival visit:
Sgt. Michael Grennes of the Valparaiso Police Department offers the following safety tips to help make your Halloween holiday safe and fun for everyone:

1. Walk don't run from house to house
2. Stay on sidewalks
3. Stop and look both ways before crossing the street
4. Cross the street at intersections, not between parked cars
5. Stay in familiar neighborhoods
6. Carry a flashlight and wear bright clothing
7. Make sure costumes do not drag on the ground
8. Avoid wearing masks while walking from house to house
9. Safer to be in groups when walking from house to house
10. Approach only houses that have lights on
11. Wear clothing with reflective markings or tape
12. Wear costumes that don't restrict your sight
13. Wait to eat candy after you get home
14. Parents, inspect all candy after returning home. Any candy opened should not be eaten
15. Carry a cellular phone and immediately report any suspicious activity to police

All motorists should slow down and use extra caution during trick-or-treat hours ...


Improving Community Air Quality with Tree Planting

clean air logo bw-fnl
There are other ways to improve air quality in the community other than reducing automotive emissions. The Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission will demonstrate such a way Friday morning at Sunset Hill Farm County Park in Valparaiso. NIRPC along with Partners for Clean Air, the parks department and local residents will be planting trees.
Kathy Luther. Director of NIRPC's Environmental Services says "Tree planting projects are one way we can all work together to improve air quality in our communities." Luther says that the presence of trees reduces air pollution and helps people cope better with asthma and other respiratory problems. She says trees also can lead "up to a 60-percent reduction in street level particulates" and can shave $250 a year from your energy bill.
The fall tree planting event is open to the public and takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30a.m. Friday, October 25, 2013 at Sunset Hill Farm County park in Valparaiso.
Northwest Indiana Clean Air is a partnership between the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission and the people and businesses of Northwest Indiana to help all residents Think Green & Breathe Easy--understanding and inspiring action to continue improving the air quality of our unique region.
To learn more, visit:

Indiana Atty General Seeks Dismissal of Ritz Lawsuit

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has filed a motion in Marion County to dismiss a lawsuit filed by State School Superintendent Glenda Ritz, contending essentially that only his office can file lawsuits on behalf of state officials or the state. Ritz is suing all ten members of the State Board of Education, alleging they held an illegal meeting by drafting and sending a letter circulated by email requesting a legislative agency calculate school grades instead of her department, claiming that violated the state's Open Door Law. Documents filed today by Zoeller seeking to have the case thrown out say he did not consent to Ritz's lawsuit. ...

Longtime Political Reporter Hugh Hill, 1924-2013

Funeral services were held in Naperville, Illinois, Wednesday for longtime television political reporter Hugh Hill. Radio One Communications founder Leonard 'Uncle Len' Ellis recalls working with Hill, and the late ABC-TV news anchor Frank Reynolds, in Hammond, Indiana, here in the Region before Hill would later become political editor at ABC's Channel 7 in Chicago, where Hill worked for more than thirty years. Hill, a native of downstate Gillespie, Illinois, retired in 1996. Hill passed away last Friday at the age of 89....

Man Cited After Entering Borman Work Zone

In Hammond early this morning a Indiana State Police at Lowell say a 23-year-old Beecher, Illinois man who told troopers he was out celebrating the evening before was arrested in the overnight work zone on the east bound Borman Expressway east of Calumet Avenue. Shortly before 3:30 am, officials say a state police sergeant working traffic security for the overnight work saw a Ford Explorer drive in between the construction barrels behind her and stop to talk to a construction worker in his vehicle. The exit lane, right and right middle lanes were closed in this area for the overnight construction leaving the left two lanes open for motoring traffic. Troopers say the area was well posted, with signage, barrels, traffic control devices, construction workers and vehicles. Police say the sergeant was sitting in the right middle lane in construction with all of her emergency lights activated less than ½ mile from the workers up ahead, and as she watched the Explorer come up behind her she thought he might have been a worker until she realized his vehicle didn’t have an amber light on it. The Explorer passed her police car, officials say, and was approaching a construction semi-tanker loaded with water sitting in right lane as she took off after it. The semi was blocking the Explorer when it attempted to move to the right middle lane to get around it, police say, and the semi was able to maneuver itself to block the Explorer as the sergeant approached to stop it; as there were workers out working in front of the semi.  Police say the driver of the Explorer was cited for Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device in a Work Zone and Operating While Intoxicated Refusal and was taken to the Lake County Jail....

Westville Man Seriously Injured in Crash

Indiana State Police at the Lowell Post say an early morning pursuit ended with a motorcycle crash in La Porte County and the driver, a 39-year-old Westville man, receiving life threatening injuries. A preliminary investigation revealed shortly before 1:30 this morning, the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department got information about a motorcycle crash that may have occurred at U.S. 421 and 250 South in Westville. Officers were unable to locate the crash but shortly thereafter heard a motorcycle approaching allegedly at an excessive speed.  Police say driver would not pull over, and went into a neighborhood off East Jefferson Street in Westville, then north on US 421, approaching Valentine Court in Michigan City where he hit a curb, lost control, and was ejected.  Indiana State Police say William Knies who was not wearing a helmet was transported to Saint Anthony’s Hospital in Michigan City and later transported to South Bend Memorial Hospital with life threatening injuries. Indiana State Police say preliminary indications are Knies tested positive for alcohol (.28 B.A.C %) and also metabolic of tetrahydrocannibinol (THC). [Photo/Indiana State Police] ...

Region Invited To Camp LRCA Harvest Festival

The Lake Region Christian Assembly Camp is known for providing support and services to many in the Region. However, this weekend they are looking for the community's help in honoring a very special man Mike Mauger. To find out how you can help with the Harvest Festival Saturday, check out Annie Fox's interview with Camp General Manager Cherish Edwards at Audio On Demand here on our website....

Gary Man Killed in Portage Crash

In Portage, police say it's unknown what caused a crash that killed a 24-year-old Gary man. Officers responded to a single-vehicle crash on Route 12 at the US Steel bridge just after 7am Wednesday. Portage Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Keith Hughes says the passenger vehicle involved was traveling east on US 12 and crashed into the west side concrete wall that supports the bridge. Police say the vehicle was occupied by one man, whose identity has not been released. Police say he was airlifted to a Chicago-area hospital where he died. Icy roads made travel difficult around the Region Wednesday morning, but Portage Police say that did not appear to be a factor in this crash. ...

Gregg Not Running for Governor Again in 2016

Democrat John Gregg has announced he will not make a second run for Indiana governor in 2016. Gregg, a former speaker of the Indiana House, was the democratic nominee for governor in last year's election. Gregg, who's been attending Democratic party events around Indiana this year, says he had planned on running for governor again in three years, but issued a statement this week saying he is no longer actively seeking the nomination....

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