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Indiana Primary Turnout was 13-Percent

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Thirteen-percent of Indiana's registered voters went to the ballot box in last month's primaries according to a newly-released report. Secretary of State Connie Lawson says she believes the actual turnout is higher, and that with the state in the midst of updating its voter list and weeding out outdated and incorrect info, the results of that process could bear that out. Lawson adds bad data may be deflating voter turnout statistics because the turnout percentages you hear about are based on total registered voters, a database they know contains old information. Early voting continues to rise in Indiana. During the May 6th primary, sixteen-percent of voters who cast a ballot voted early, compared to twelve percent in 2012 and eleven-percent in 2010 and 2008. More counties are also setting up vote centers, which consolidate multiple precincts into a single location to save costs and improve efficiency.
“I believe our actual voter turnout numbers may be higher than 13 percent,” said Secretary Lawson. “We are currently in the process of updating our voter list, which will give us clear data on Indiana’s real voter turnout numbers in future elections.”
Indiana saw an increase in the number of counties moving to the cost-saving vote center model. During the primary election, 16 counties chose to use vote centers compared to 7 in the 2012 election cycle. As a state senator, Secretary Lawson authored legislation giving counties the option to establish vote centers, which has the potential to significantly improve efficiency and reduce county election costs. Vote centers consolidate multiple precincts into a single location, allowing counties the opportunity to save on costs associated with hiring poll workers and purchasing voting machines and supplies. Vote center counties also had 13 percent of voters cast ballots in the Primary Election.
“As I traveled throughout Indiana on Election Day, I was impressed with how counties have deployed their vote center operation plans,” said Secretary Lawson. “Voters showed a positive reaction to the change and appreciated the flexibility in choosing where to vote.”
The complete 2014 Primary Election Turnout and Absentee Chart with voter statistics for each county can be viewed online at  .  The report was compiled by the Election Division of the Secretary of State’s office from voter data gathered in Indiana’s 92 counties.


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Flash is not supported on this device. If you wish to listen to this audio, you must download and play an mp3 using an mp3 player on your device. CLICK HERE