7 Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas

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7 Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas 'Tis the season to giveā€¦bacon-shaped Christmas tree ornaments? Stocking-stuffer candy simulating black lumps of coal? Crime scene tape for wrapping packages? How about a dreidel with Santa's picture on it? Yes to all these and more, say fans of quirky gifts. Online retailers specializing in leg-lamps--the kind made famous by the movie Christmas Story--and in 'Emergency Santa Kits' say business is brisk. Seattle novelty-seller Archie McPhee, for instance, which makes the Emergency Santa Kit, reports its business is up 20% from last year. Each Kit contains an inflatable white beard and red hat. "It's in case you're ever on an airplane flight and you suddenly have to play Santa," explains McPhee's spokesperson and self-styled 'Director of Awesomeness,' David Wall.

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