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Now Open: Porter Regional Hospital

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flag 1 re
  (Three flags greet patients and visitors alike at main entrance - photo courtesy of jstevens)
  At exactly 6 a.m. the new Porter Regional raised their their three flags, and unfurled the banner from their hospital name, precisely the same time, the new facility opened their doors to patients and closed the old Porter Memorial Hospital on 814 LaPorte Avenue.  Today (Aug. 25th) marks the official opening day of the new Porter Regional Hospital at the corner of US-6 and SR-49 in Valparaiso. Despite allowing for six to eight hours to move patients the hospital ended up needing only three hours. CEO Jonathan Nalli of Porter Regional praised all 2,000 individuals including hospital personnel, ambulance transport teams, EMS, police, fire and INDOT and other support personnel, saying that the hospital could not have "asked for a better, smoother, more fluid relocation, transition from one facility to the next."
Ron Donahue Director of Communications and Business Development for Prompt Ambulance Service is representative of the professionalism of all the ambulance services and EMT, Fire personnel that participated in the history move.  Mr. Donahue said some 35 to 37 crews were involved and that his Prompt crew began prepping the night before for the move that started promptly at 6 a.m. this morning.  He also said his team made about 50 trips safely transporting patients.
       ( Prompt Ambulance Service dedicated crew    - photo courtesy of Radio One)
Besides waving flags and big protective entryway, guests are greeted by the friendly Porter Regional valet staff.  Valet employee Shaun Huffman, will be happy to give you a valet ticket and park your car as a free perk for guests desiring the service.
valet 2 re micheal re        
   (two of Porter Regional's "friendly" valets, Shaun Huffman at the check-in booth and Michael behind the wheel - photos courtesy of jstevens)
CEO Jonathan Nalli of Porter Regional, says their new facilities feature a lot of hospitals inside a hospital including Porter Regional's new Center for Cardiovascular Medicine, which is separately located on the west side of the campus.  Porter Regional's new Emergency Center is located on the hosptial's campus east side, adjacent to the lighted helicopter landing pad.
cardiac unit   
         (the new Center for Cardiovascular Medicine  - photo courtesy of Radio One)
emergency 2 re    
    ( Emergency wing of the new Porter Regional Hospital - photo courtesy of Radio One)
The people at Porter regional Hospital have thought of everything from a friendly valet service, easily accessible entrances for outpatient services and the new Center for Cardiovascular Medicine to even a blue Emergency call box located in the Emergency parking lot for patients who need urgent help quick!
emergency 1 re
      ( an Emergency call box in the Emergency parking lot  photo courtesy of jstevens)
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Flash is not supported on this device. If you wish to listen to this audio, you must download and play an mp3 using an mp3 player on your device. CLICK HERE