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Porter County Tax Deadline Extended

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The second installment for Porter County taxes is usually due on the 10th of November but this year taxpayers will have two extra days--well sort of.  Mike Bucko, Porter County Treasurer says the deadline has been extended to November 13, 2012 as a result of election day and Veteran's Day, "November 6th the buidling is closed for voting, and November 12th is a veteran's holiday, that's why we moved it to the 13th because it normally was the 10th and November 10th is a Saturday, so we had to go to Monday and Monday was Veteran's Day so we had to go to Tuesday." 

Treasurer Bucko reminds tax payers that payments can be made online, as long as payment confirmation is received by Midnight on November 13th.  "So pay early by mail to beat the dead line for paying your Real Estate, Personal and Mobile Home taxes in Porter County without incurring penalties," according to Bucko.  Additionally, November 13, 2012, post marks will be considered on-time mailed payments and on-line payment confirmation emails dated November 13, 2012, up to 11:59:59 CST, will be considered on-time FREE E-Check payments and Credit Card payments (a fee of 2.5% will be added to all credit card payments by the credit card companies). 

Over the counter payments will be on-time if paid at the counter by 4:30pm November 13, 2012.  According to the county website, Treasurer's Office hours are 8:30 a, to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday except holidays.  Payments can also be placed in the RED TOP Drop Box, located in the lobby, if desired.  Envelopes will be available for payments.  Tax payers should also bring a self-addressed stamped envelope and put it in the payment envelope for a mailed receipt or your cancelled check will be your receipt.

When mailing payment the Treasurer's Office says to be sure to includ your tax remittance coupon to Porter County Treasuer, PO Box 2150, Valparaiso, IN. 46384-2150.  Your cancelled check can be your receipt for taxes.  You are also able to get a receipt on line at   Bucko adds that post-dated checks will be returned to taxpayers and late penalties will apply if payments are then received late.

E-Check payments are FREE and tax payers have until 11:59:59 pm on November 13, 2012 to be on-time, at at PAY YOUR TAX BILL "Click Here."  Enter your Duplicate Number from your tax bill.  If you do not have your Duplicate Number, change the drop down from "Pay Your Bill" to "General Search," select "Last Name" and enter your last name only.  Click on the Credit Card or Checkbook Icon to proceed with the payment process.  Read all instructions before and during the process.  According to the Treasurer's Office, Payments are not REAL TIME.  Do not look to see if the balance has changed after paying, instead, Bucko adds, just keep the receipt ass proof of payment.  Finally, only enter your Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number when prompted, do not include your check number.  When asked to enter your zip code for verification use the first 5 digits of the zip code from the mailing address on your tax bill, according to the Treasurer's Office.

More information on paying your Porter County taxes can be found at:

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Mike Bucko, Poprter County Treasurer.

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